Traveling at Life’s Speed

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In this book series I have described a path to total self-awareness. For me, it all started with reading inspirational literature, contemplative walking, introspective reflecting and journaling. In the first book of the series, Peace: The Art of Mindfulness to Eliminate Stress, I wrote about mindfulness and how we can program the mind to change our default progressively from constant mind chatter, to less inner dialog, to mindful chatter, to mostly silent with intentionally directed internal dialog. [Read More…]

 “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way!”     -Thich Nhat Hahn

Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Zen Professor blog is about finding freedom that endures through our daily lives. Freedom from stress, anxiety, worry, and unconscious expectations. Gain self-awareness through mindfulness by letting go of the programmed psychological self, developed over a lifetime of biological and social conditioning, everyone is able to follow the path of liberation.

Our message is about the journey from pain to freedom, where we will discover the brave and infallible authentic-self present in us all. It is about finding the place where we will be afforded the opportunity to live the life of authenticity we were always meant to live. The place where we create our greatest life.

Latest Posts

Forgiveness Is Key to Letting Go of Pain

The other day the phrase to error is human, to forgive is divine came to mind. Indeed, everyone makes mistakes. But only those who are ready and able to let go of the pain are able to forgive. Forgiveness is a Divine act. And we must get the ego out of the way in order… READ MORE

Inner Conflict Is Present at Birth: A Quiet Mind Helps Resolve It

Did you know we are born with inner conflict? It begins in infancy and occurs between the primitive infant and his or her inherited psychological pathways. In the East the general ideology describes this energetic tension as karma. Many people believe we are born as a blank slate. This is especially true in the West.… READ MORE

Self Development Isn't Always Easy

The process of self development can be a slow, tedious experience. Other times it can happen in leaps and bounds. The most powerful meditation I have ever experienced occurred a little less than a year ago. First, I had a short but nice meditation. Then, I went on an hour long walk. I connected with… READ MORE