Traveling at Life’s Speed

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In this book series I have described a path to total self-awareness. For me, it all started with reading inspirational literature, contemplative walking, introspective reflecting and journaling. In the first book of the series, Peace: The Art of Mindfulness to Eliminate Stress, I wrote about mindfulness and how we can program the mind to change our default progressively from constant mind chatter, to less inner dialog, to mindful chatter, to mostly silent with intentionally directed internal dialog.

These mindful practices help us to discover the silent witness in us all, which is referred to as the “authentic self” and discussed in detail in book two of the series, Presence: The Art of Living in the Now. In book three of the series, Intention: The Art of Conscious Creating, I demonstrate that, by coming from the place of present moment awareness, we are able to access our natural creative ability to attract the life we want. Zen: The Art of Conscious Living, book four of the series, demonstrates how we can take it a step further and live in continuous peace by changing our baseline awareness from object to space consciousness, allowing us to free the mind, follow our bliss, and live in the reality that we create.

Throughout the series, I have explained how to transcend the psychological self or the ego, which can be fully discovered through mindfulness practice and meditation. I hope that you will be able to keep an open mind to the ideas I have shared. Furthermore, I sincerely desire that by reading the information provided here, you will be inspired to look deeper within yourself and discover the innate wisdom that was provided to us all at birth.