When we let go of the need to be in control we find peace. We can simply surrender and let the Universe be in control. It is anyway, whether we resist it or not. Consider that we are living on a giant rock which is, in it’s core, molten lava, spinning through space at thousands of miles per hour and reliant on the energy from the sun millions of miles away. Still, we believe we are in control. The only thing we control is how we react to life. This doesn’t mean we can’t ask for what we want; it simply means we must be okay with the answer no. It also helps to give up the desire for things to be different than they are.

I was on a walk once and I paused to watch the clouds go by. It occurred to me the feeling of standing perfectly still in body and mind is surreal. Then I thought about the money I was being charged to have a tree removed from from the roof of my house. The company spent less than 3 hours removing it, but they charged over $2,000! That comes to about $700 per hour, which seems rather extreme. When I checked the bill, it appeared I was being charged to have the tree cut up and removed from the property. The tree was partly cut up but was not removed. I thought about how “they” were making “me” pay for work that wasn’t done. Then I thought, nothing is mine; I am merely borrowing it. A powerful feeling of “yes” came over me.

The expansive feeling continued as I stood there gazing at the clouds and other thoughts came to mind. I thought about how I could just let it go and give the money to the company. I could surrender to the will of the Universe. Everything in our life is a reflection of our inner world. I put that company in my life to show me something to release. I can surrender it to life or resist it. If I resist it the Universe will provide another opportunity to surrender. I have no idea what that “gift” might look like so I chose to surrender.

The Universe Will Provide for All Our Needs

I remembered that the Universe will provide for all my needs if I fully surrender all my wants. Then it occurred to me, who is this me that wants and needs? It seems it would be more accurate to say the wants and needs of the body will be fulfilled when we release the self fully and follow the guidance of the Universe. Indeed, I do this all the time with my reading and writing. If I am having an inspiring conversation and a book is suggested to read I read it. If inspiring thoughts come to me during the day I pause and write about them. This is what it means to follow the will of the Universe. After all, “inspiration” means “in Spirit.” When we do what inspires us we are walking in Spirit.

The next day I went to my former father in law’s house to borrow some tools for the roof repair. I caught myself spreading emotional poison by telling him all about the “injustice” done to me by the tree removal company. And it wasn’t the first time I had done that. It seems I had this idea that it is okay to discuss perceived injustice if I don’t get emotional about it. But is that true? Is it possible that I’m not feeling even a trace of emotional energy?  I realized it must have taken at least a small amount of ego to motivate me to bring up the topic. Even if I wasn’t feeling a thing the words I send out are likely to trigger a response in the receiver. Indeed, I could see it on their faces.

Decide Not to Spread Emotional Poison

I once again remembered that I am being taken care of and everything was going to work out just fine. In that moment I decided I was going to stop spreading emotional poison. I decided I would take full responsibility the next time someone asked me about the roof. I would share how I made the decision to change the insurance plan only months before the storm brought the tree branch down. That policy change is what caused me to pay so much out of pocket. I would point out my good fortune in finding someone to help me. Furthermore, because I was doing most of the work myself, there was enough insurance money to cover the expense. In fact, there was plenty left over to do other home construction that I had been wanting to do. I was also provided the opportunity to learn more about home repair and gain more confidence to do other repairs in the future. Another good fortune was that no one got hurt. In other words, the tree falling on the roof was actually a blessing!

The tree experience taught me more about my inner world. I seemed to have attracted the experience in relation to a previous occurrence. There was flooding in the upstairs bathroom and a similar thing happened. In both events I had an emotional reaction about the perceived injustice of  people “price gouging” me. Because I reacted so strongly to the first event the Universe gave me the “gift” of the tree experience. This provided the opportunity to process previously stored emotions and free myself from their grip.

Nothing Is “Ours:” We are Merely Borrowing It

That day, while I was on the walk it occurred to me to give them what is theirs. I realized nothing is actually “mine.” More specifically, it is the system supporting itself. The insurance company paid out what they saw appropriate based on previous experience. But by being just a little creative and taking on some responsibility, such as the role of the general contractor, there was money left over. This is a clear example of how the direction of attention creates our reality. If I look at the opportunity to make some money, things will fall into place that makes it happen. However, if I look at the potential obstacles in the way they will present themselves. And they will most likely bring some “friends” along the way. These friends tend to be more obstacles and they provide us with another opportunity to release stored emotions. After all, like attracts like, which is a fundamental law of the Universe. When we look for examples of this phenomenon in our own life it takes little time to see it.

Later in the day I received a message from the Universe. I read the phrase, “be impeccable with your words.” Immediately I realized I had not been doing that with regards to the roof dilemma. Rather than expressing love, as I would be doing if I was sharing nothing but the good fortune involved, I was expressing fear by talking about the perceived injustice. Both contain some truth, but neither is absolute truth.

If there is an absolute truth it may be that stuff happens. We have the option of looking at the opportunity or the obstacles. Everything else turns into reasoning of the mind. Even that is questionable. It could be argued that nothing actually happens; it is all a dream. On the other hand, even a dream is something happening. Perhaps the absolute truth is anything can happen because no “thing” exists. It is all energy playing with energy, or God playing hide-and-seek with Itself. Give up control of the game. It feels better.

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