If we were to ask the Universe, “What purpose would you have me serve?” the answer would be simple. The Universe would say, “Pay attention to life so I can experience it through you.” In the absence of the ego and judgment, that’s exactly what would happen. Universal Consciousness, or Christ Consciousness, is allowed to experience life through our senses when we come from the place of the authentic self. This is why many spiritual teachers explain that we are not the doer. Once the psychological self is recognized and released, there is no self doing anything. There is only present moment awareness acting out of the place of awakened consciousness. Life then experiences Itself through you.

It helps to remember that experiencing life in the physical realm is all about duality. This is how Life experiences physical reality through us. We can’t know peace without suffering, or pleasure without pain, or good without bad, or black without white. No matter what it is, you can’t have one without the other. The mind needs contrast to experience the physical world. It is all about contrast.

The Bliss of Pure Consciousness

However, the One, or “God,” has no contrast. It is all One! In order to experience contrast, Universal Consciousness must be in physical form. That is where we come in. We are here to allow the One to experience Itself through us. This is where the most important aspect of free will comes in. We have the choice, we can experience reality through the psychological self and suffer; or we can experience Reality through the authentic self and witness Life as it unfolds miraculously before us. If we choose the latter always, then we can experience the bliss of Pure Consciousness.

The soul cannot feel pain, either emotional or physical. It merely witnesses it. Therefore, it makes sense that it would take pleasure from every experience. What this means is that if we can simply focus on the positive aspects coming from all experience, including events the mind perceives as negative, then we can become more aware of the authentic self and experience life through the eyes of the One.

This is also the purpose of evolution. It is so the One can keep gaining new experiences through the expansion of the universe. In other words, much like how we grow as individuals throughout our lives, the One ‘grows’ as an entity throughout eternity. What an amazing thing for us to be able to witness!

Lasting Joy in Life

The secret to lasting joy is to always look at the big picture and enjoy each moment as simply part of the ride. The best way to do this is to see that we are having this experience for the One. It is experiencing the ride of life through us, which is why we have free will. The One gets to experience everything right along with us. There are infinite possibilities, and we help provide the One with experiences through our choices.

In the Bible it is written we are made in God’s image. This can’t possibly mean in a physical sense. The Presence is in everything and everyone, not in human form alone. Therefore, it must mean our inner being. Do we want to know how a movie turns out? What better reason to give man free will? This way, the One gets to experience the unfolding of life along with us. Perhaps It doesn’t actually know how things will turn out in the physical realm because we do have the freedom to choose our actions. If the One was never created but simply is and always was, as stated in the Bible, then Life always was, at least the essence of it anyway, in the form of consciousness. Perhaps the Universe manifested Itself in physical form so that It wouldn’t know the end to the movie, so-to-speak. It is as if It is playing hide-and-seek with Itself. 

Purpose in Relationships and Marriage

It might be helpful to keep in mind that it is the psychological self that thinks it needs another individual in its life to be complete. A person who believes this can never truly feel whole. This is so because the individual always looks outside the self, as in “he completes me,” or “she is my other half.” The authentic self doesn’t come from this perspective at all. It knows that It is One with the Universe and is whole and complete already.

This is not to say that we can’t benefit by having a life partner. All of our relationships can help bring us closer to the One because they help us to notice and let go of the psychological self. The more we let go of the ego, the closer we get to the One. A life partner can be a wonderful blessing to an individual because he or she can help bring out deep emotions that need cleansing. Typically we grow from our relationships because we learn from them. Imagine if two people were to live in conjunction with one another with the purpose of growing spiritually together, walking one path. Would they not be able to help one another in profound ways?

This is the true meaning of marriage. In our society, we take marriage vows that if honored, will insure that both individuals grow together and learn to live life from the place of the authentic self. The two become one in body, mind, and spirit. Then, the two individuals receive universal source energy simultaneously and the love felt by one is experienced by the other. Together, they experience the same universal love that is available to us all but enjoyed by only a few. What could be better than that?

No other person, place, or thing, no event, no personal experience could possibly top it! Indeed, once we experience the Presence in the absence of the personal ego we will be inspired to spend the rest of our life trying to get back there. Imagine living in this place of bliss always. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? The fact of the matter is we can! If we live in the present moment and remain free of ego and judgment, we live there always.

The Expression of Universal Love

The mind can be trained to do what we want it to do. Once we recognize that there is a difference between the psychological self and the authentic self, and we approach life through the latter, we will want to live it always. After all, It is pure love. It can be scary when we listen to the psychological self because it will tell us that we must be careful. It will tell us that we don’t want to love openly and freely because others may hurt us. However, it is talking about itself. Others might hurt the ego, but the authentic self will not be hurt.

In the absence of the ego we express universal love freely. When we live in the present we give no attention to worries of the mind. Therefore, fears of being emotionally hurt by others dissolve along with the rest of the false self. Then, we just love freely. However, in order to do this we must first fully accept ourselves in every way. We can start by observing and recognizing that all of our past experiences are merely events that occurred in our life. They are not who we are. They are just stories in the head.

Recognizing that we are not our mind, and we are not our body, we can become aware that we are the witness. We are the witness who notices form. We are the witness who notices the thoughts. We are the witness who notices the feelings, labeled by the mind as pain and pleasure. Again, we cannot experience one without the other, which is the principle of duality made available to us through the senses of the physical self. So, rather than fight it, we can recognize it and acknowledge when an unwanted thought approaches, realize that it’s a past memory, and then act accordingly, in the absence of judgment and ego.