“It is the ego that causes us to perceive separateness and the stronger the ego, the more separation there is between source energy and us.”

Once a friend sent me a text that said everything happens for a reason. I sent a text back that stated we are not always privy to that reason. The very next thing I read was this: “Chaos, then, is just a point of view. Things that appear random to a limited awareness fit into place perfectly when awareness is expanded.” This quote by Deepak Chopra points to the importance of expanding awareness to see the harmony in all things. The alternative is to allow the ego to convince us that separation is the rule, rather than the connectedness that runs deeper and remains hidden to the untrained eye.

Wayne Dyer suggested that the ego tells us we are a personality with a body but it is nothing more than an idea that we carry around. That idea separates us from everyone and everything else by telling us that we are nothing but the sum total of our “accomplishments and acquisitions,” as Dyer puts it. Dr. Dyer suggested that Swami Satchidanada pointed out that illness begins with an “I” presumably meaning we are separate from source energy, while wellness begins with a “we” presumably meaning we are connected to the source.

We Are of One Consciousness

When asked which is the first commandment of all, Jesus said, “The first of all commandments is, ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one.’” Interestingly, I read the Bible several times without noticing the last word of the opening statement of the Lord’s Prayer. Perhaps “The Lord is one,” is the lead in to the most important commandment because we must truly know, in the deepest sense, that we are quite literally one body, mind, and energy consciousness or “spirit.”

We are indeed part of the one living Earth, which is an intimate part of the one living Universe. Perhaps this is why the ancient Greeks used to refer to the heavenly bodies as “gods.” They may have somehow innately known that the planets, stars, and moons have some sort of energetic consciousness, and intelligence that keeps them intact. They may not have known this at a conscious level, but perhaps at a supraconscious or intuitive level they did know. Then the knowing was filtered through the human ego and came out being described as “gods.”

We are whole and complete and need nothing more than an understanding of what this one intelligence is because we have access to the collective consciousness through the authentic self. In turn, the only thing that separates us from the whole is the mind/body complex the authentic self is housed in. The more we can escape the mind/body experience, then, the closer we get to the whole. So much so, in fact, that if we were to completely shed the ego/judgment mind, then the life energy in the body would simply become part of the one life energy, as we were before conception, and as we will become once again as the physical body returns to the earth from whence it came.

Become One with the Universe

Perhaps what the Buddha came to realize was that there is truly one source, and that if we can transcend the ego while the body is still living, we can be one with this source once again. If that is so, then perhaps when we reach a deep meditative state, deep enough to forget about the mind/body experience, then we become one with the Universe and experience great peace. This could also be why we have an inner drive to do things that so fully grab attention that we forget about the self. Great athletes, artists, and musicians are examples that come to mind. When these people become so immersed in a project, they lose themselves in the moment. And when they lose themselves, at least in a sense, they are one with the source. Becoming one with source energy is the way to go with the flow of the Universe and travel at the speed of life. It is from this place that we can create the type of life that will “make our cup runneth over,” as will be seen in the following chapter.

Branches of the True Vine

Once I went downstairs after doing some reading and noticed a small tree branch under a chair at the kitchen table. It was remnants of a school project that my daughter was working on. I picked it up to throw it out and I couldn’t help but pause at the irony of the symbol. The branch reminded me of a passage I had just read in John 15: 1-8 where Jesus discussed “The True Vine.” In this passage Jesus talked about the nature of spirituality. He stated, “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.”

Passages such as these can be interpreted in many ways. However, as stated in the introduction, I want to look at it from the perspective of human consciousness. It seems to me that Jesus was saying that we are all connected and when he said, “I am the vine” he was speaking of the life energy that connects us all. Anyone who connects with this source energy will prosper, but anyone who does not will surely struggle.

Religion through the Perspective of Consciousness

Many people seem to think that the theory of evolution and ideas of religion are in conflict. However, when we look at religious ideology from the perspective of human consciousness and growing spiritually simply meaning to rise in levels of consciousness, we can see that there is actually complete congruity. Indeed, the theory of evolution states that in the beginning, everything in the entire universe was contained in a massively dense spinning sphere the size of a mustard seed, exploded in a massive wave of light, and has been expanding ever since. This is an explanation of the physical reality of the universe. Similarly, if everything did come from the same unified physical source, then it stands to reason that everything also came from the same unified energy source. This is an explanation of the spiritual or energetic life force of the Universe, including but not limited to the physical plane. However, when we attempt to use religious doctrine as a moral code only, much of the meaning of the messages gets lost.

In much spiritual and religious text, the concept of “God” is typically thought of as the totality of everything. Every physical manifestation is another part of God’s “body.” Similarly, every life form is a part of God’s one life. It is this one life we are referring to when we say God the spirit, and it is the energetic life force in each of us that is referred to as “soul.” We are intimately connected to this one life force. What separates us from it is the body in physical form and the ego in energetic form. However, the ego is not pure energy; rather, it has been distorted by the mind perceiving the body as separate.

The Ego Creates the Illusion of Separateness

Again, this is why it is often said that ego stands for “edge God out,” because it is the ego that causes us to perceive separateness and the stronger the ego, the more separation there is between source energy and us. Conversely, the less influence the ego has on us the more connected we are to the source. Coming from this perspective it is clear why Jesus used a branch as an analogy to represent the profound connection we all share with the Universe. In a sense, we are all “God” experiencing life through unlimited forms and events.