“We are all from the same source, the one energetic field that permeates throughout the entire Universe.”

The most powerful underlying principle in the Universe is the concept of oneness. We are told there is one God, that we are all one body, one mind, and one spirit. Even the theory of evolution, which most people feel is contradictory toward religion, states that everything started from the same single unified source and has expanded outward into the vast array of incredible variety we see today. I referred to this earlier but I think it bears repeating.

In order to go with the Universal flow it is important to understand the concept of oneness. What is oneness? Perhaps it is one of those rare concepts that actually mean exactly what it says. Oneness means we are literally one body, one consciousness, and one field of energy (often depicted as one body, mind, and soul). It is the ego that separates us. That is why the ego is not our enemy. It allows us to experience the unfolding of form by providing us with a sense of self. Without that, there would be no experience.

We are all from the same source, the one energetic field that permeates throughout the entire Universe. We are an intimate part of it, much like the pinky is a part of the whole body. We certainly wouldn’t say our pinky is separate from us. And, of course, if our pinky were separated from our body it would lose the source energy that keeps it alive. Therefore, it would cease to function and die shortly thereafter.

Birth and Death

What does that mean, to “die?” First of all, it helps to remember that death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. Death is the opposite of birth. The energy that was once flowing through the tissue that made up the finger would no longer do so. In turn, the energy required that holds the atoms and molecules together would no longer be available and the particles would separate. Then, the particles would return to the environment in which they came (as in ashes to ashes, dust to dust). This is the cycle of life, which fluctuates continuously from birth to growth to degeneration, and finally, to death, in a continual feedback loop. However, birth and death comes with connotations of absolutism, and as we have established earlier, there is only one absolute. It might be better to conceptualize the cycle of life as develop form, experience form, and deconstruct form, because the life energy does not change, only the form changes.

Waking Up

Similarly, when we get lost in thought life energy becomes separate from source and the authentic self can no longer experience the world. When this happens, the mind/ body experiences the world while the authentic self remains idle, patiently waiting until the psychological self experiences something so intense that it shuts down, allowing us to “wake up” so it can experience the unfolding of form once again. This is what the Buddha was attempting to get us to understand in the overarching meaning of his teachings.

Consider all the stories of people who live through catastrophic events and become awakened. They find a new sense of purpose. They seem to find new meaning in life. Why? Perhaps it is quite simple. Perhaps it is too much for the psychological self to handle. The mind/body becomes overwhelmed or physically exhausted, and the senses become dull to the pain (both physical and emotional). At this time, thoughts are not produced at such a high rate. These individuals no longer use mind energy thinking about past and future, only present. They may also be no longer directing the attention to physical pain. Because of this redirection of energy from the mind/body to the inner being, the authentic self is now allowed to experience the unfolding of form, and these individuals find themselves with a new sense of purpose.

Living Our Purpose In Life

So, what this all amounts to is that when we give, we feel productive because we are adding to the whole rather than taking away from it. We are producing because we are adding to growth, both in ourselves and in others. This is our purpose in life, to grow, therefore, we feel good when giving. However, when we take from the Universe and give nothing back we feel unfulfilled and will always want more. We are never satisfied. The millionaire sees someone else who appears wealthier and wants more. The famous musician sees others with a larger fan base and wants more. The professional athlete sees his peers signing more autographs, or getting a more lucrative contract, or receiving more accolades, and wants more.

Those who give see other’s benefit from their giving and feel satisfied. They feel good. And why shouldn’t they? They are fulfilling their life’s purpose. So this brings us to the significance of oneness. Look at it this way; when we do something for our body, such as treat it to a massage, give it exercise, or feed it good nutritious food, we feel good. This is because we are giving the body what it needs to feel good. Similarly, when we give something to others, in actuality we are giving it to the Universe. Because we give it to the whole body, and because we are a part of that whole body, we too feel good. In essence, when we give to others (in time, money, food, attention, etc.) we are also giving it to source energy or “God.”