Thought is more powerful than most people realize. The mind has the ability to stir energy, cause us to attract or repel others, and inspire us to move toward or away from drama. We can even use thought to slow the aging process.

One of the most fundamental scientific laws is energy is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes form. Energy moves, that is part of universal law. Our thoughts and beliefs affect the movement of energy. If we think negative thoughts, energy in the body is stirred and we begin to experience negative emotions. If we are near others they will feel this energy whether they become consciously aware of it or not. That is why we can walk into a room immediately after an argument and feel the negative energy in that room. If we remain unaware of this effect, the downward spiraling energy can pull the energy in our body down with it.

Why People Are Drawn to Drama

We feel a desire to leave the room when people are arguing because it protects us from getting wrapped up in the negative energy patterns. When our energy does not match it, we feel tension. That tension produces the desire to leave. In contrast, if our energy does match the downward spiraling energy of those who are arguing, we most likely would feel no tension and therefore, have no desire to leave. We may actually derive pleasure from watching others argue in this way because it matches our own energy level. This is why people are drawn to drama and gossip. In order to change the pattern, we must change our environment by choosing to be around people who have upward flowing energy.

It all starts with the self. The way to get the energy to flow upward in the self is to continue to direct the attention to life giving thoughts. Thoughts of love, connection, growth, and development, are all life giving thoughts, creating upward spiraling energy in the body. Thoughts of hate, separation, decay, and destruction are all life taking thoughts, creating downward spiraling energy. It doesn’t take much to determine which feels better.

How We Choose Our Friends

Once we create the habit of thinking only life giving thoughts, and the energy consistently moves upward in the body, we begin desiring to be around only those who think similarly, because they match our energy and it feels better to be around them. This is how we choose our friends. We are drawn to people who think like us because our energy blends harmoniously with theirs, irrespective of whether that energy flows upward or downward. This is where the idea of collective consciousness comes in. If we allow our energy to flow in the same direction as a particular group of individuals, we take on the energy of that group, and along with it, the beliefs and actions that sustain it.

However, if we do not resonate with the energy of the group, we feel a tension that leads to the desire to separate from them. If the group does not allow its members to leave freely, then conflict is the result, and the individual suffers. The group however thrives, because it is maintained by downward flowing energy. It must be, for only downward flowing energy would lead a group of individuals to feel the desire to suppress the wishes of others. If large groups of people wish to leave, the conflict can quickly escalate into war.

How We Age Prematurely

When a person is under a great deal of stress for a long period of time, their body looks like it has aged at a much faster rate than those who remain at peace. And more than look like it, physically, it has aged more. People who are under stress for a long duration of time suffer from many physical ailments, such as less resistance to disease, ulcers, headaches, heart disease, and higher rates of cancer. The list is endless. Downward spiraling thoughts lead to physical degeneration.

On the other hand, those who do not suffer from stress are much healthier physically. Not only do they have a higher resistance to disease, their bodies actually look healthier. Their skin has better color and is more smooth and supple. They have better muscle tone and walk more upright. Everything about them appears to be healthier. Their chronological age might be the same as those who are more sickly, but their biological age is no where near the same.

Movement of Energy Affects Aging

This is where belief comes in. We, as part of the collective human consciousness, believe so profoundly that the human body can only survive about a hundred years that it comes to pass. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. According to the ancient literature, people used to live seven hundred years and more. It may be that the collective consciousness of humanity was much different in those times. Indeed, it was much different in many philosophical and religious beliefs so it must have been with regards to ideas of aging as well. Perhaps they really did live that long because they knew they could. Further, perhaps they only lived that long because there was no desire to live longer.

Importantly, it’s about both thought and belief. If thoughts go in the direction that we have lived a full life and there is nothing more to experience, then our energy will move in that direction, and the desire to continue going on experiencing life will wane. Soon, the body will respond in kind and cease to support the energy that had sustained it up to that point.

It Can Be Observed in Life

This effect can be observed in those who retire from a long career and have no idea what to do with the rest of their lives. They have no desire to continue experiencing life because they believe there is nothing else for them to do. Before long, the body picks up on these cues and begins to break down and soon the person dies. The same phenomenon has been witnessed in those who lose a loved one. They have no desire to live without the individual and the body quickly expires.

I witnessed this happen with my grandparents. My grandfather died of cancer and my grandmother died not long after. She seemed so healthy before he died. But her husband was her life and when he was gone, so was her desire to go on experiencing it. 

I don’t know if this means we could go on living forever if we only desired it to be so, and we always directed our attention to life giving thoughts. But it does mean we can live happier, healthier, longer lives by doing so. And that’s certainly enough for me!

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