Whenever the topic of forgiveness comes up, people often turn to the Bible. But how they read the passage is largely dependent upon how their minds have already been conditioned. If we were to read the verses with the authentic self, rather than the psychological self programmed by society, we would be taking a spiritual perspective rather than a worldly one, and all we would find is love. But when we read from the psychological perspective, we turn attention away from forgiveness and toward justice.

Typically, society views justice coming in the physical form, such as imprisonment for perpetrating a crime, or the death penalty for committing murder. This is because it’s a concept made up in the physical form of thought. A murderer who inflicts harm on another truly does cause harm to himself, as there would be no way to live a peaceful, joyous existence afterward. In a sense, he has already convicted himself to hell, as he may be forced to replay that event in his head for the rest of his life.

Spiritual Justice

That is of course unless he completely forgives himself, lets go of memories of the past, and moves forward in Presence. But even if he does take these steps there has still been negative karma created and that karma will return to him, if not in the current life then in the next one. This is what can be considered spiritual justice, and this is why it states in the Bible, “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord.”

Consider the murderer living a normal life and completely present most of the time, but then goes through moments of psychological derangement and commits these atrocities during those times. In this case, although he has committed the terrible deed, he has not ‘convicted himself to hell,’ as suggested above. He might actually live a peaceful, joyous existence during all other times. This seems to be what occurs in cases of multiple personality disorders.

In that case, the individual would be going in and out of his own self-created hell, and would still be producing negative karma that would be returned at some point. He may be able to lie to himself for a while, perhaps even for a lifetime. But the karma will be returned to him in the next life, perhaps in the form of the environment he is born into.  

The Psychological “Wrath of God”

The idea of the wrath of God is a mental construct only. It is born of the ego. The wrath of God is actually our own mind tormenting us over the harm we inflict on others. It also helps to explain why the Universe doesn’t immediately destroy anyone who willfully inflicts harm on another. If God was wrathful in this way, would It not rid the planet of all those who commit these kinds of atrocities?

This is where the mental construct of ‘God” as a separate being standing over us and handing out rewards and punishments can be so misleading. The One is in all of us. It is experiencing Life through our sense perceptions. When we get in touch with our authentic self, we are aligning with the One. This is how when we do unto others we do it unto ourselves. The Life force in us is our connection to everyone and everything else. Because we are so intimately connected, what we do to others we do to ourselves through the Source energy that unites us all. We do it to others and ourselves because we are all One.

Thought Creates an Energy Ripple

When an individual has a thought it produces a pattern of energy. Science tells us energy is neither created nor destroyed, it only changes from one form to another. So what we are doing with this thought is forming a ripple in the energy, much like tossing a stone into a lake causes a ripple effect on the water. That ripple then continues outward until acted on by another force. If our thought turns to action, we create a larger wake. But even if the thought does not turn to action, it still creates a ripple.

Imagine tossing a stone in a lake, creating a disturbance in the water, and immediately follow it up with a bigger stone. The wake created by the larger stone could end up overtaking and absorbing the smaller wake. This same process works with thoughts. If we have a negative thought it produces an energy pattern that goes along with it. However, if we notice that negative thought and immediately send out the opposite thought with a higher energy frequency, the original, low frequency energy pattern will be absorbed by the higher one, and any negative karma produced would be averted. This is why it’s important to notice our thoughts and be sure they are in line with what we want.

If all objects in the Universe are nothing more than patterns of energy, and science tells us they are, then it stands to reason that the energy of one object would have an influence on the energy of others. This is a rather simplified version of the mechanics of karma.

Change the Thought to Send Positive Energy

Now consider an individual looking upon another and thinking, Wow, she sure looks fat in those jeans. Because the individual no doubt has negative connotations associated with the word fat, negative thought frequencies are sent out. If the person immediately recognizes the thought and then intentionally thinks, We are all perfectly created by the Divine Energy Source in the way that serves us best, then the positive, higher frequency thought patterns will overtake the lower negative pattern and no harmful karma will be produced.

If the individual did nothing to change the energy pattern, then the wave of energy would continue on until acted on by another force. For example, a judgmental thought directed toward an individual carries the potential to create a disturbance in that person, and he or she may be affected. The recipient of the negative thought might unknowingly become irritable and act from that place. In addition, the one sending the thought is coming from a lower frequency and doesn’t recognize it. In turn, he or she fails to follow it up with a higher frequency thought.

Creating a Pattern of Judging

It doesn’t matter whether the person is reacting to the thought or the behavior, either way, the energy pattern produced by the thought creates a karmic energy that must be experienced by the one who sent it. When he judged another based on appearance, damage was done to himself because a pattern of judging was created.

He is then forced to live in the false reality of the psychological self and more readily judges others in the future, causing separation in relationships. Had he instead viewed this woman in the absence of judgment, he would have only love to send. If this were the case and he was then to have an interaction with the woman, it would be a loving one and he would come away from it feeling good.

This is why we must never put another above or below us. We are One. When we freely and lovingly give ourselves to others we are giving to ourselves as well because we will feel good. However, if we give ourselves to others who intentionally inflict harm on us, we are hurting ourselves along with the one who inflicted the harm. This is because we are reinforcing the behavior. At the same time, we feel bad and once again create separation.

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